Tender management

Health Access International is your trusted partner when it comes to successfully organising international tenders in healthcare infrastructure. We leverage our experience and knowledge to obtain the best results for the client.

Our clients are typically Ministries of Health, Governmental funding organisations, Development Banks, NGO’s but also private operators.

Organisation of a formal tender process
The tender process shall be as transparent and well-structured as possible to ensure an optimal outcome for the client. Our work therefore includes advice on, for example, tender planning, tender documents in conformity with applicable regulation and evaluation criteria/reporting.

Technical specifications
We establish exact definitions of the procurement scope, e.g. medical equipment delivery and installation, including maintenance and training where applicable. This includes technical specifications for more complex equipment.

Building interface
Based on technical specifications, we create a detailed overview of installation constraints and requirements, enabling a smooth interface with existing structures or ongoing construction activities.

Installation and Commissioning
We use specifications and loaded hospital drawings to supervise the installation and commissioning of the equipment and systems procured. Check lists, protocols and our expert knowledge are used to ensure proper certification and a successful hand-over to the client.

Tender management teams
For each assignment we compose a dedicated team, typically consisting of a tender specialist/teamleader, a biomedical engineer, and an architect. The combination of specialities ensures adequate terms of reference and minimal procedural risks.

Coordination with the client, at all stages of the tender process, is crucial. We schedule regular project team meetings right from the start and visit sites and clients.

Reliable suppliers are the cornerstone of effective procurement. Selection of the most suitable suppliers is critical to minimise risks, costs and total cost of ownership.