Medical equipment

Medical equipment
For the delivery of health services, a wide range of technologies is used. When it comes to the medical equipment required, there are many suppliers with varying levels of performance, pricing and quality. Health Access International has built, through the years, an extensive data base of all essential medical equipment and surgical instruments available on the global market. We work with all international established manufacturers while maintaining our objective independence. Our regular participation in international public tenders ensures that our medical equipment and instruments data base is always up-to-date and competitive.

In all we do, our focus is on patient safety and the availability of the medical facility.

Equipment planning
Our specialists perform an analysis of medical equipment requirements and budgets. This enables us to prepare a competitive, transparent and reliable procurement and installation process. It is also important input for the financing structure chosen.

Procurement services
One of our key competences as an independent European company is the transparent procurement of medical and other essential equipment used in hospitals and clinics. We have in-depth knowledge of the procurement, operations, installation and service needs of such equipment. Our procurement services are used within projects but also independently for third parties as well.


We arrange packing and transport to cities and remote rural areas, in any country. We ensure the safe undamaged delivery using professional forwarders and our own supervision at critical steps in the process.

Based on our pre-installation site visits and our loaded drawings, we supervise the installation process, performed by a team of qualified and specialised engineers.

Technical Services
We often work with local partners for installation, commissioning and maintenance of medical equipment and systems. By supervising the teams, we ensure professional international standards are met.


IT Upgrades
IT technology develops quickly and it is therefore essential for the continued optimal functioning of equipment and IT systems that their status is monitored and upgrades are implemented at appropriate moments. Our specialized service teams do exactly that.

Equipment training
We train and educate hospital staff in close cooperation with our partners. We offer training courses for medical, technical and managerial staff. In addition to professional skills, our courses include soft skills training as well.