Project realisation

We develop and realise healthcare facility projects. We are active in modernisation, digital transformation and extension of existing hospitals, and the realisation of new medical facilities. Our experienced project managers and engineers ensure teamwork, quality and a timely delivery of the project. We often engage local partners for detailed design, supply of installations and construction of the building.

Project management
Health Access International provides overall coordination in the project between the architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical and IT disciplines, as well as in the choice of equipment and specific hospital technology. Professional project supervision is essential to ensure that the work of different contractors, each with their specific tasks within the project, is well coordinated. This guarantees the timely completion of each phase of the realisation of the project.

Procurement, supply and installation
Health Access International can deliver the complete inventory for a turn-key hospital project at competitive pricing. This one-stop-shop approach is efficient and reduces the project management effort for the client. We have extensive knowledge of hospital related equipment, telehealth and other systems, and its availability on the global market. Our qualified site engineers take care of installation, commissioning and training and establish acceptance protocols.

Technical Services
We work with local partners for installation, commissioning and maintenance of medical equipment and systems. By supervising the teams, we ensure professional international standards are met.

Education and training
As part of a project, or as a stand-alone assignment, we offer training and education activities in the field of

  • healthcare professionals
  • management
  • medical equipment
  • engineering & IT
  • hygiene, waste & infection control

Training can be on location and is available as e-learning as well. For specialised curricula we work together with reputable partners and universities.