Health Access International has a range of health facility and specialised department designs which are adaptable to local circumstances and requirements. The construction can be conventional or pre-engineered and can be delivered as a turnkey solution; thus complete with for example renewable energy supply system, water treatment and IT system. We also arrange Financing packages for our health facilities.

Community Hospital
Our family of Community Hospitals has been designed as a comprehensive sizable district hospital. Capacity ranges from 40 to 200 beds and its modular designs allows for financially sustainable growth while reducing the costs of healthcare in rural and urban areas.

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Surgical Buildings, Suites and Operating Theatres
Together with specialised partners we design and build new, or renovate existing, Operating Theatres, Surgical Suites and Surgical Buildings. Our designs are suitable for standard, specialised and hybrid surgery and can be incorporated in an existing hospital building or be part of a dedicated surgical complex. Construction can be prefab or conventional and include all required supporting systems such as laminair flow and air conditioning systems and medical gas supply.


Family Health Clinic
An example is our Family Health Clinic that has been designed as a comprehensive health center with mother and child care, in-patient facilities, primary diagnostics and a family doctor practise. Typical use of the clinic is in rural areas, but also in special situations such as refugee camps, our Family Health Clinic has proven its value.


Main medical services and functions provided in our Family Health Clinic are:

  • Outpatient departments
  • Inpatient departments (female – male)
  • Operating / obstetrics theatre
  • Sterilisation
  • Obstetrics /Gynaecology
  • Laboratory
  • Basic diagnostics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dental
  • Pharmacy
  • Mortuary
  • Education
  • Waste treatment

Video Consulting & IT
We integrate video consulting to increase the effectiveness and reach of the total healthcare chain, connecting the rural health post with regional hospitals and beyond. With smart IT we integrate the different hospital processes into an efficient operation, reducing costs and increasing throughput and quality.

Where required, our modular medical facilities and projects include turn-key energy supply systems which normally consist of a combination of renewable sources, such as PV solar systems, and a supporting system, such as a generator, to ensure the continuous operation of the healthcare facility.