Project management

Health Access International develops and also implements healthcare facility projects. We are active in modernisation, extension and the realisation of new medical facilities in countries in transition.

Project management and construction supervision
Our experienced project managers ensure teamwork, quality and a timely delivery of the project. We often engage local partners for detailed design, supply of installations and construction of the building.

Renovation of hospitals, clinics & health centers
Medical & IT technology and service needs evolve, making renovation and upgrading of existing facilities often a valuable option. Our key expertise areas are:

  • Medical equipment
  • Operating room
  • Intensive care unit
  • Surgical instruments
  • Renewable energy sources
  • IT connectivity
  • Building redesign & civil works in cooperation with local partners

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Medical equipment & systems planning and supply
One of our key competences is the planning, procurement and supply of medical and other essential equipment used in hospitals and clinics. We have in-depth knowledge of the procurement, operations and service needs of such equipment and work with all established manufacturers while maintaining our objective independence.

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