Hospital management

Health Access International helps you to set up and build a strong foundation for your hospital.  Managing a hospital involves a lot more than providing medical care only. Examples are:

  • Hospital expansion, or new build development
  • Human resources management
  • Financial management
  • Quality management
  • Information Technology services
  • Marketing

We provide a comprehensive set of hospital management services. However, your hospital might not require them all and therefore we always start with an assessment of your current hospital operations,  and will propose a tailor made solution based on that.

Our experienced hospital managers work closely together with your local staff and partners. Education and training of local staff is an integral part of our assignment.

Education and training
As part of a project or stand-alone assignment, we offer training and education activities in the field of

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Management
  • Medical equipement
  • Engioneering & IT
  • Hygiene, waste & infection control

Training can be on location and is available as e-learning as well. For specialised curricula we work together with reputable partners and universities.