Health Access International has extensive experience arranging favourable financing for medical facility projects for private clients, NGO’s and the public sector in countries in transition. We develop plans that qualify for competitive commercial finance, export finance, grants or concessional loans, based on an assessment of the feasibility of the envisioned project. We also write, or improve, feasibility studies, business plans and social & environmental impact studies to meet the specific requirements of the international financing community or funding programmes.

Commercial finance
A typical commercial financing package for a healthcare facility project is structured with

  • a mortgage for the building
  • a working capital facility
  • a commercial loan from an international and/or local bank
  • possibly a leasing facility

To attract finance it is essential for the client to have a solid business plan with reliable financial data.

Export finance
Health Access International not only develops but also implements healthcare facility projects. This enables us also to offer customised export finance packages for established and reputable private and public clients. Such an export finance package can not be obtained locally and significantly reduces interest rates, collateral and own equity required.

Our export financing proposals are influenced by:

  • Client requirements (feasibility study, business plan and master plan)
  • Country of origin of medical equipment and other products
  • Project management by exporter
  • Project sustainability (i.e. maintenance)
  • Guidelines of financial and credit insurance institutions
  • Guidelines for concessional loans and concessional credit insurance (sustainability, social impact, environment)

Financial network
We are independent and work closely with a range of international and local commercial and development banks, social investment funds, governmental institutions and development agencies.